Why is online travel still missing private cars for road warriors?

Here are some snippets of TJ Clark’s guest article at tnooz.com on the reasons online travel sites should include private car service for corporate travelers:

“Let’s do some quick back-of-the-napkin math and say your company takes 1,000 round-trip flights per year. For each of these, there are four possible ground transfers — to and from the airport — or 4,000 per year. Conservatively, let’s say each transfer costs $60.  That’s an annual cost of $240,000 spent just on rides to and from the airport.

Now, imagine this scenario for a company with 15,000 travelers averaging 2-3 trips per year.  The annual spend for airport transfers alone could easily range between $5 and $10 million.”

“Recently the CEO of a small company with a global sales force told me that within three months, they cut their annual run rate on private cars from $24K to $6K just by having online access to local operators in every country.”

Read the article in its entirety here.