UsingMiles Voted Best Travel Site of 2011 By AllMyFaves

Reprinted from UsingMiles.

January 6, 2012

UsingMiles is the Top Travel Site of 2011 on AllMyFaves! We were initially selected as a top 10 finalist, and the winner was based upon YOUR VOTES! Thank you for helping us secure the #1 spot this year! We love you all!

AllMyFaves is a website that chronicles the very best of the web in numerous categories. Members can create their own homepages with all of their favorite bookmarked sites.

Wanna learn about the other Top 10 Coolest Sites of 2011? There were some GREAT winners this year! Here’s a quick recap of the finalists:

10. – “Most Useful Internet Tool.” Uses sophisticated algorithms to help you decide whether or not to but that electronic device now or later…or never.

9. – “Best Internet Music Player.” Pick an artist from a lineup and automatically get a mash-up of their music YouTube videos.

8. Grovo – “Best Education Site.” Teaches you how to use all of the best sites on the web, including eBay, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

7. What Movie Should I Watch Tonight? – “Best Site to Browse on your Coffee Break.” Watch a random movie trailer. Anytime. Yep, it’s that simple.

6. – “Tastiest Food & Recipes Site.” Collects the best food recipes from all over the web. Yum.

5. Quirky – “Most Likely Site to Improve Your Life.” Pitch your idea and they’ll build it AND share in the profits with you.

4. EatSleepDraw – “Most Stylish Website.” Submit your art and peruse other artistic masterpieces.

3. The Museum of Me – “Site Most Likely to Make You go Wow.” Archives and creates a visualization of your Facebook account.

2. Skyview – “Most Interesting App.” Makes the planets come alive with your iPhone!

And the #1 site….

1. UsingMiles – “Best Travel Site.” Manage all of your loyalty programs in one place, find ways to earn more miles and points, and FINALLY use your miles and points to create memories! Get organized and save time!

Thank you to all of you who voted for UsingMiles. We sure do appreciate your support. Happy 2012!

Reprinted from UsingMiles.