Canal Partners analyst Patrick Armstrong and WebPT CEO Paul Winandy to join Angel Investor Boot Camp Panel

Canal Partners analyst Patrick Armstrong and WebPT CEO Paul Winandy to join Angel Investor Boot Camp Panel

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Kris Baxter-Ging
City of Tempe
480 250-5198

Angel Investor Boot Camp teaches investors how to rethink putting their money to work

Phoenix, AZ (December 15, 2011) Several East Valley economic development and professional organizations are working together to provide a series of free educational classes detailing the process of how to invest in small companies, a practice known as angel investing.
We often hear about angel investing and venture capitalists, but in our communities there are potential investors who don’t know what these words really mean. Frequent questions include: Who are angel investors? How do they think? How do they assess risk? How do they value opportunities? Without answers, potential investors stay away.
In an effort to answer these questions, East Valley economic developers are partnering with Quarles & Brady, Arizona Technology Investor Forum (ATIF), Tallwave and Local First Arizona to provide a series of Angel Investor Boot Camps. With one Boot Camp presented in each city during the course of 2012, potential angel investors can conveniently learn the basics of how to invest in new companies.

“Innovative communities tend to create jobs at a higher rate when they have investors supporting start-ups,” said Tempe Councilwoman Onnie Shekerjian, Chair of the Council Committee on Technology, Economic & Community Development. “The priority of the Angel Investor Boot Camp is to support these start-ups by cultivating an active angel investor community.”

“Technology startups will continue to be one of the key engines driving the future growth of Arizona’s economy, and angel investors will continue to play an important role in getting these companies off the ground,” said Geoff Ossias, a former entrepreneur who now co-chairs Quarles & Brady’s emerging growth practice. ” We believe there are many potential angels living in Arizona who are simply not familiar with investing in early-stage technology companies. By giving these investors a crash course in tech investing, we hope to provide a broader base of support for Arizona’s startups and have a positive effect on the broader economy.”

Participants can expect to learn about the dynamics of angel investing and hear from angels who have invested in local technology companies.

“Arizona is a fantastic place to start a restaurant, for example, but without a stronger investment market, we will never make the jump to being a leader in tech-based innovation,” said Kimber Lanning, Executive Director of Local First Arizona, a statewide non-profit organization focusing on strengthening Arizona’s economy. “Long-term health of the region is dependent upon an investment-minded culture that is organized, comprehensive, and visionary.”

Last year, the number of venture capital deals per 1 million residents in the country was about 11. In Arizona, the number was about three, significantly below the national average. However, Arizona compares very favorably in its ability to secure Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants, which are a measure of a regions’ climate for innovative activity.

“The data suggest Arizona’s venture capital activity is not commensurate with our high level of innovation; we have a financing gap,” said Micah Miranda, Economic Development Specialist for the City of Tempe. “With these classes we hope to increase venture activity and close the financing gap.”

Event Details
Where: 200 E. 5th Street
Tempe Transportation Center
Don Cassano Room
When: January 12, 2012
5:30 – 7:00PM
Cost: Free

Event Contact: Micah Miranda,
Economic Development Specialist
City of Tempe

The “Angel Boot Camp” seminar described in this communication is intended to provide information about the process of angel investing for those who may have an interest. However, the seminar will not provide you with any investment opportunities, nor will there be information about specific investment opportunities at the seminar. Please note that, whether or not you attend the “Angel Boot Camp” seminar, an investment in the securities of any early stage company carries a high degree of risk and you are urged to consult with your advisors before making any investments.

Neither the “Angel Boot Camp” nor this communication constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities.