NETtime Solutions Discovers Employees in Danger of Poor Labor Law Education

Reprinted from WiredPRNews.

Scottsdale, AZ (WiredPRNews) March 23, 2012

NETtime EducationToday NETtime Solutions, the originator of SaaS time and attendance solutions, released the findings from a national survey that uncovered the sources of labor law education most used among employees. Findings revealed that employees rely heavily on their employers’ labor policies and practices as their sole source of knowledge on the topic resulting in a high level of responsibility on employers to keep their labor policies current.

The survey, which asked, “What source(s) do you use to learn about current and new labor laws?” allowed participants to choose from six answers – Employer Policy, Break-room Posters, Union Membership, Family and Friends, Self Education, and Other (an open ended response). Forty individuals working in a wide variety of professions selected one or more of the previous answers. The results of the survey showed the use of education sources as follows:

• 44% Employer Policy

• 38% Self Education

• 38% Family & Friends

• 23% Break-room Posters

• 5% Union Membership

• 13% Other

Of those who answered Self Education or Other, the main sources used to research labor laws were the Internet and news outlets, such as talk radio, TV and print newspapers. A culture of on-demand information and the always connected individual may have contributed to the high percentage of participants who chose to educate themselves rather than wait for labor law information to be passed down through union membership or by employers.

Even with the ability to self educate on labor law, 44% of survey participants still use their employer’s policies as a source of labor education and more than half of these use it as their sole source of labor law information. With that level of trust given by their employees, employers must diligently work to stay on top of current labor laws and provide policies that reflect the most current and accurate compliance guidelines.

Through a series of labor education and compliance surveys, NETtime Solutions is working to help employers and employees better understand each other. By better understanding how both sides view important human resource issues, employers and employees can strive to be more productive in the workplace. For more information on the Labor Law Education Source survey or to view past surveys and results, please visit

Reprinted from WiredPRNews.