Continued Education Survey Hosted by NETtime Solutions Now Open

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Education can be key to a successful and fulfilling career. NETtime Solutions, the pioneer of SaaS time and attendance, today announced their latest survey in an ongoing series of workplace related topics. In the continued education survey, NETtime digs deeper into how people continue their formal and informal education and the effect of that education on their success both financially and in job satisfaction.

The continued education survey will run through Friday, December 21st. All those who have entered the workforce are encouraged to participate in the continued education survey. The X questions takes less than three minutes to complete, and as a “thank you”, NETtime will award one randomly selected participant a $25 Barnes & Nobel gift card. After all, reading books is a great way to keep expanding your mind!

To access NETtime’s survey on continued education, click here.

As with all NETtime surveys, the results will be published in a press release as helpful human resource business insights. To further help shed light on the topic of continued education, graphic data representations will be published on the company’s Facebook page. Connect with the company now at and to see past surveys results and participate in HR related discussions.

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