Using Dozers for Deforestation

What is deforestation?

Deforestation is done in order to convert forests into properties that will be used for real estate development, establishment of business infrastructures, for cultivating consumable crops, or tending domestic animals for consumption. In short, deforestation often occurs as a sign of progress in addressing the scarcity of human resources. It involves the process of clearing lands from trees, vegetation, rocks and boulders and flattening the ground to maximize construction of future buildings or homes.

How are bulldozers involved in deforestation?

The first process involved in deforestation is the removal of trees and vegetation. Usually, the cutting of trees is done in order to sell whatever is taken from the clearing process. After all the trees have been removed, plants, crops and other flora are then sold or consumed. Next in the procedure is to remove stumps that have been left behind, along with rocks, boulders, and other objects that are obstructive on flat ground. The dozer does its job here where rubble is pushed into one section of the area, which is then scooped up and taken away. It is also utilized to level the ground by pushing soil to cover areas with holes and to remove clumped soil and have it distributed to other sections of the construction area. A bulldozer is also used when pushing aside lumber and timber that has already been laid down on the ground.

Why are bulldozers picked for the job?

Aside from being able to push huge objects with great force, a dozer is also beneficial to the contractor because it uses diesel fuel that’s proven to be economic, while still being unmatched when it comes to power and creating the desired output with minimal costs. Maintenance is also not an issue as its parts, including the blades that are used the most, are made of sturdy materials that are sure to tolerate even the toughest of jobs, thus contributing towards finishing deforestation jobs quickly.

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