The Dozer… as a Weapon?

What kinds of bulldozers are used in war? 

An armored bulldozer is used in times of war and for the creation of bunkers and improvised walls and clearing debris from the roads. In desperate times it is used as a war unit in combat for warding off enemies. It also comes with modifications such as armaments that serve its double purpose or added protection on the cab in order to minimize damage from bullets and grenades. There are also tanks that are fitted with dozer blades in order to assist in clearing debris and earth in case the unit is not engaged in combat.

 How were these dozers used in times of war?

The armored unit was first used in World War II where its task was to prepare the beach for the Battle of Normandy by clearing the path of any obstacles, creating roads for quicker battle deployment with infantries, tanks, and other war machines. It was also utilized in filling bomb craters, making a paved road in as short a time as possible. However, because the Caterpillar D8 was too slow, a Centaur Bulldozer was constructed. This was a tank that was installed with a  dozer blade in order to keep up with the pace of other tanks while fulfilling its purpose of preparing the ground for battle. The modified tank was so valuable that the British forces also used it at the time of the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

Aside from the Second World War, the Israel Defense Force used a strengthened version of the Caterpillar D9 in order to withstand heavy attacks where armors were fitted with mechanical parts and bulletproof windows were installed on the cabin. The modifications were done to tolerate machinegun rounds, sniper bullets, and even bombs while fulfilling its role of clearing debris from ruined homes and other structures, making it easy for war units to deploy military tactics with fewer distractions.

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