Is a Dual-Fuel Generator Really Necessary?

A dual fuel generator uses both gasoline and any other type of fuel, creating a steady source of power. There are those that run on gasoline and liquid propane gas, those that run on diesel and gasoline and others that use other combinations.  Its main advantage is that if a shortage of one fuel occurs, you can always use the other.

There are many factors that will determine whether you need the dual-fuel generator. You need to determine how much power you need to complete your task, how portable you need your power to be and how sturdy you need it to be. This will be important because you need to know that you have a fuel source at any job you need to undertake.

Next, consider the amount of load you will need to connect to the generator. There are two electrical loads available: the resistance load that includes the heating units and incandescent lights, and the induction loads that include most construction equipment that require power. The difference between the two induction motors available is that the capacitor motors need to be powered with a third more starting current than is required for the universal motors.

After determining the wattage needed, choose a generator. It should have enough power to start the load which will be enough to continue running it. Determine what kind you have available since they offer different power surges.

Make sure not to overestimate the amount of power you need when purchasing the dual-fuel generator. You need a different one when powering your home from when you need it for recreational purposes like on an RV. Most of the high priced ones are quieter than cheap ones and it’s advisable to invest in one. Also remember to get one that is within your price range.

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