Is a License Required to Rent a Skid Steer?

No. A license is not a requirement when one is driving a skid-steer loader. This though does not mean that anyone can operate the machine. One should at least have the basic understanding of what it’s all about. Common sense would also be a basic factor to consider before getting on one. Operations are easy to learn and that’s why most home owners rent them. Though a license is not required, here are some basic things to know before you can drive the machine.

Learn all there is about the machine before using it. The store owner will not rent it to you if you have no idea how to use it or what it’s about. It would be advisable to get some training and review the manuals on attachments and operations. Some rentals offer training and test runs before they can rent the skid steer to you. Some rentals also have one of their drivers drive the skid steer to your site so that they can provide you with the best techniques you can use and to evaluate the condition of your work area.

Safety is also important when operating this heavy machinery. You should know how to properly secure the rented machine. Follow the safe practices to the letter when hooking up and towing the loader. You need to put on protective gear like the safety glasses, and a hard helmet. You should also wear your seat belt at all times when operating the skid-steer loader.

The last tip may seem easy but it’s very important. Consider the load you are to lift before renting; always rent a skid steer that can lift the weight. A homeowner who needs a skid steer for his back garden will not need to get a full-sized one. These machines have ratings and your store owner will help you pick the right one for your kind of job.

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