When Would I Need a High-Cycle Generator?

A contractor would need a high cycle generator if working in areas where the power grid is difficult. It also comes in handy if you prefer an alternative supply of power available. They are available in different sizes, designs and models depending on your preference and the amount of power needed.

During construction, concrete pours involve the use of a high cycle vibrator. The high cycle vibrators are used in slow lump concrete to move stiff mixes and liquefy them around rebar and into corners. Consistent power is required during this time. They could also be used where one requires extended length vibrators.

These high cycle vibrators require a special generator to help provide power. It must have a unique in-built plug to ensure it fits properly. High efficiency is required due to the constant speed and the motor’s high torque. It must also be ideal for low slump concrete which is needed during jobs requiring large concrete placements.

You will, therefore, need a high-cycle generator to help you get the best results. They are recommended for use in heavy general constructions. They can be used during the construction of roadways, walls, or bridges. They can also be used if you require extended length of power provision.

They can either be towable or portable depending on the usage.  They include the light towers that provide bright lights and portable power for construction sites. The alternators can be hooked onto the back of a movable vehicle while the portable one can be used when you need small bursts of power.

To complete any job that requires constant power, you will require a generator that will give you access to reliable power and light. It might not be necessary to purchase it since you can rent one. Purchasing a generator is a huge investment therefore resorting to rentals would be a better option.

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