Omnilink® Becomes Driving Force in M2M

Authoritative M2M magazine details how Omnilink has become the leader of the pack

Paula Bernier, Executive Editor at M2M Evolution Magazine, published an article entitled “Omnilink Becomes a Driving Force in M2M,” describing how Omnilink’s growth and expansion over the last few years has contributed to its current standing as M2M leader. Bernier writes:

Omnilink got its start providing electronic ankle bracelets to help law enforcement officials track the whereabouts of individuals on house arrest. The company has since expanded to offer solutions for tracking a variety of assets – human and otherwise.

In addition to offering bracelets for the application noted above, Omnilink provides similar solutions for medical and home healthcare purposes. These tools can enable caregivers to keep closer tabs on Alzheimer’s patients, for example.

The company is also behind the after-market on-board diagnostics vehicle solution offered by Audiovox through Sears, says Steve Hudson, Omnilink’s chief development officer. The retail device plugs into a car to enable people to track the behind-the-wheel behavior of their teen drivers (and shut off their ability to text while driving). It also can provide engine diagnostics and suggest possible solutions. And Hudson adds that once you get this kind of device in a vehicle, the possibilities for adding features is virtually endless.

On another front, Omnilink has outfitted Verizon with a mobile personal emergency response system, which enables individuals to call for help with the push of one button on the device. This kind of solution, sold through Verizon retail locations, is popular for elderly folks who live alone.

However, Hudson says that Sprint is probably Omnilink’s most evolved channel given the carriers’ strong position in the M2M arena. The companies work together to provide asset tracking of containers, trailers and vehicles. In April, Omnilink inked a partnership with Sprint to offer Omnilink Asset Tracker for Trailers. The solution combines the Omnilink Asset Tracker application with the CalAmp TTU-720 device, which uses GPS and Sprint’s nationwide CDMA network to provide fleet managers with the location of every trailer.

Wayne Ward, vice president of M2M and Connected Transportation, Sprint and a member of M2M Evolution magazine’s advisory board, said, “Our joint solution with Omnilink uses our network technology to help keep cargo moving. It determines which trailers are parked in each yard, which trailers need to be picked up, and the precise GPS location of every trailer in a fleet, giving owners real-time location information necessary to ensure that every trailer is maximizing revenue. Wireless asset tracking is another example of how connected devices are changing every aspect of our lives, impacting how we work and live.”

Just a month before unveiling this solution with Sprint, Omnilink launched Car Connection Mobile, Asset Tracker Mobile, and Comfort Zone Check-In Mobile. These are mobile versions of existing desktop applications, and extend tracking and monitoring capability to smartphones and tablets for anytime, anywhere management of people and things.

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