Guest Post: Are you ClickDimensions Certified?

ClickDimensions offers an advanced training and certification program for partners or administrators who want to gain an in-depth understanding of ClickDimensions and earn a valuable professional credential. In addition, ClickDimensions certification is a requirement for advanced partnership levels with ClickDimensions.

In the upcoming months, we will be featuring guest blog posts from many of our Certified Professionals. The following post is republished with permission from one of our Certified Professionals, Megha Kainth, and was originally posted in the Magnetism Solutions Ltd. Dynamics CRM Blog. Her blog post provides an overview of the process and resources available for gaining your certification. For more information, visit our Training site at

The ClickDimensions exam measures your capability in determining how proficient you are in using their solution. I have recently attended ClickDimensions webinars and got certified for ClickDimensions. In this blog post I will share a few tips to pass this exam and get certified.

This exam is specially designed for current customers and partners who are using ClickDimensions and want to understand the functionality of ClickDimensions.

To pass this exam you can attend their following webinars:

Once you attend all of the above webinars you will be eligible to attend the ClickDimensions Certification exam. It is an online exam with a total of 71 questions which are split into 3 sections: E-mail Marketing, Web Analytics and Web Content, and Deployment, Administration & Best Practices.

Most of the questions are drawn from materials you can find on their Help & Training site, User Guide, videos, webinars and from the real time experience you can gain by working with the ClickDimensions solution.

You will get 90 minutes to complete the exam, and can attempt it up to 3 times. A score of 80% or better is required to pass and become ClickDimensions Certified.

Modes of Preparation:

1. Live Training Sessions – ClickDimensions provides live training sessions to get a better understanding of this solution. These trainings are divided into three sessions:

• CD101: ClickDimensions Email Marketing Training
• CD201: ClickDimensions Web Analytics and Web Content Training
• CD301: ClickDimensions Deployment, Administration & Best Practices Training

2. Website – You will find some very useful details on their help website which can assist you in gaining a better understanding about their solution.

3. Real time practice – Last but not the least, real time practice, play around with ClickDimensions solution and you will learn it from your experience.

Good luck for your exam.

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