Prospect Scoring for Custom Actions

Do you want to add your own scoring mechanisms to CRM to help your sales team target the best-qualified prospects?

ClickDimensions has built-in scoring for leads and contacts to help identify hot prospects who have visited your website, filled in a form, or taken another common action. You can view and adjust the default score settings on the ClickDimensions Settings page in CRM:


You can also set custom scores on high-value web pages by adding a line to the tracking script. For example, if you have a pricing page, you might want to add extra points to a lead or contact’s score when they view that page. Just add this snippet to the ClickDimensions tracking script on that page:


But what if you want to add scores for other actions that are specific to your CRM or your business? Here’s an example of how we do that using CRM workflow to increment a prospect’s score when they participate in a demo:

Custom Activity: Demo

We have a pretty simple custom activity in CRM called “Demo” that we use to track when a member of our sales team has met with a prospect to demonstrate our solution. We track a custom status on the demo activity so the salesperson can quickly set the outcome of the demo, whether the demo actually took place and was completed, there was a no-show, etc.:



Workflow to Update Score

When a salesperson marks the activity complete, we have a workflow that triggers to set the score appropriately. We add 50 points to the score for a completed demo, and subtract 20 points for a no-show or declined demo. The workflow runs whenever the status of a demo activity record is changed, and then checks to see if the demo actually took place or not:


You can update the Total Score on the Contact by clicking the “Set Properties” button on the workflow and incrementing or decrementing the value as appropriate:


TIP: We also have a view of contacts that we created that shows the Total Score column and sorts from highest to lowest:


Happy Marketing!

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