Connecting Posted Fields to Leads and Contacts

With the latest update of ClickDimensions, it’s now possible to create a connection on a Posted Field record to the Lead or Contact who submitted it. This can be helpful in instances where you want to query Leads and Contacts who all share a common feature without having to create custom fields for every attribute.

A common scenario we’ve seen is that of a company who hosts multiple events per year and wants an easy way to see who has RSVP’d to which event(s). They may not have the time or manpower to create a new custom field for each event, so this scenario can help keep tabs on all the responses and reach out to the appropriate Contacts.

Before getting started: You’ll need to be on CRM 2011 and update to ClickDimensions 4.2 or 4.3 either automatically or semi-automatically.

Confirming the Connection

If you’ve already upgraded to the newest version and you did so automatically or semi-automatically, you should be set, but let’s check the connection. Once it’s set up, you should see links to Leads and Contacts on the Posted Field for any forms you fill out. The easiest way to check this is to customize the Posted Field entity to add the Contact and Lead fields.

Then fill out a sample form and confirm the connection is made successfully in the Posted Field.

Here you can see everything is working well. There’s a direct link on this Posted Field to my Contact record since I filled out this field. The connection will still be made even if you don’t want to see the Lead or Contact, so you can reverse the customization if you choose.

If this isn’t working for you, you can follow the next steps to set this up.

Making the Connection

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to upgrade to ClickDimensions 4.3 semi-automatically or automatically.

If you are already on 4.3 and have manually updated, you will need to check the “Automatically Update” box in Settings > ClickDimensions > ClickDimensions Settings > Auto Update and “Save”. This will push the connection through. If you don’t want Automatic Updates in the future, simply uncheck this box and click “Save” again.

Results and Capabilities

At this point, there’s a lot you can do. Here’s just a brief example. In our scenario, we wanted to take a quick poll of all the people who submitted the form saying they were Farmers. We can create a quick Advanced Find to list everyone who’s submitted the “Industry” form field with the value “Farmer.”

It returned the following results. In this case, since this is a test, there were only two Contacts.

That’s it! Now you can query how people responded via a form with Advanced Finds and even create Marketing Lists based on the responses.

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