5 new words for your CRM dictionary

There’s a lot of terminology regarding CRM and marketing automation, and new terms and concepts seem to be popping up all the time. If we were the editor of a Dictionary for CRM and Marketing Automation, these are some of the words we would add.

ROx – You’ve heard of xRM (Anything Relationship Management), but now that you have your marketing investment added to the mix, you’ve got the ability to track your Return on Anything and Everything. You’ll be able to see what’s working or not, and what marketing activities turn into sales results!

The most important contribution to modern marketing is the ability to track ROI due to technology.

Post Actions – When a new form or survey is submitted, you can do more than just map the submitted values to CRM fields. In fact, with marketing automation you can build logical, meaningful processes to interact with your customers in the way that works best for them. In ClickDimensions, you can use the post actions tab on the form or survey editor to easily drag and drop action items and configure what’s going to happen when someone completes your form or survey – things like kick-off a nurture sequence by adding them to a marketing list, create follow-up tasks, mark a campaign response, or send internal notification and external auto-responder emails.

Better Data – Having really good customer data hasn’t always easy, but times have changed, and customers are willing to provide good information now more than ever before. And you might not even have to ask for it. Chances are you are already collecting it, but just not in the right places. Using ClickDimensions’ Profile Forms and Field Override options you can provide easy ways for recipients to view and update the information you have for them.

Good data is okay, better data is best!

Lead Score – Analytics and tracking allow for every point of interaction to be stored and scored. You get to decide what the interactions are worth, and you can prioritize your leads and contacts based on interest level and live data.

Nurture Program – Pre-sales, post-sales, whatever your business process may be, you can use ClickDimensions’ simple drag and drop nurture builder to create a step by step program for your prospects and customers.

Everyone has their own favorite uses and features for ClickDimensions. If you could publish your own CRM and Marketing Automation Dictionary, what words would you create or include and how would you define them?

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