ClickDimensions for Dynamics CRM 2013

Just weeks prior to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 global launch at Convergence EMEA in Barcelona, Microsoft began provisioning CRM Online accounts with the newly released interface.

We’ve been working diligently over the past quarter to design and release a compatible update of ClickDimensions to coincide with the new Microsoft CRM launch.

October 15th marked the release of both the CRM 2011 and v4 Updates for ClickDimensions, with enhancements like the new drag and drop email editor, advanced image editor, and other new features. This Tuesday, we began officially provisioning ClickDimensions Solutions for Dynamics CRM 2013 environments, in coordination with the mass availability of Microsoft’s new interface in CRM Online.

While all new CRM Online organizations will be provisioned with the new interface, Microsoft plans to upgrade existing CRM Online organizations over the next few months. Because of the upgrade schedule, ClickDimensions strategically released our latest 2011 solution to be functionally and architecturally compatible within a 2013 environment, so that the upgrade process to CRM 2013 can be streamlined for our customers.

After an existing CRM Online organization (2011 platform with the latest ClickDimensions 2011 solution) is upgraded to the new CRM 2013 platform, the upgrade of ClickDimensions is as simple as any other ClickDimensions release. Customers can get the new UI and UX through either an automatic update or in the form of a managed solution file that is imported right within CRM and takes place in a matter of minutes, with no loss of data or migration needed.

Here is an overview of the updates and a glimpse at what the new 2013 ClickDimensions solution looks like:

Navigation – The ClickDimensions entities are in the same place they’ve always been, but with the new user interface, the Sitemap (or left navigation pane) is now accessed via the top navigation bar. You can get to the ClickDimensions entities by going to Marketing, and to either the Analytics, Email Marketing, SMS, or Events areas. The Web Content and Nurtures, along with Settings and other administrative components are still under Settings, ClickDimensions Settings.

Ribbon – You will notice that the buttons that used to be in the “Ribbon” of CRM are now in what CRM 2013 calls the Control Bar. Features like Add to Nurture, Full Screen, Test, Split Test, Clone, OutlookCast, and Send, etc. are all still available, just in a more convenient spot.

UI/UX – We’ve updated the ClickDimensions icons to be consistent with the user interface of the new CRM release, along with text, scripting, and other responsive features to be compatible with Microsoft’s new platform.

ClickDimensions Settings Area:

Nurture Builder:

Form/Survey designer:

Free Style Editor:

Block Style Editor:

Drag and Drop Editor:

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