Not All Electronic Monitoring is Created Equal

Why Switch to Omnilink? We’ve developed great solutions to the most significant and common problems in the electronic monitoring industry. Learn more to see how better technology can make an impact in your day, your agency’s goals, offender outcomes, and public safety. Do these problems look familiar to you?

Juvenile Probation

False alerts cause delayed response and drain resources

Other electronic monitoring systems have common weaknesses that produce a high volume of false alerts. Those three common weaknesses are lack of indoor location, 2-piece GPS hardware, and inferior strap technology. These weaknesses, taken individually or in combination, produce so many false alerts that agencies find it difficult, if not impossible, to implement swift and effective response protocols to critical incidents like an offender absconding or tampering with a bracelet. Swift and appropriate response to violations is everything in electronic monitoring. Without it, an electronic monitoring system is of little value to an offender’s progress, does not protect public safety, and opens agencies up to liability and sensational negative publicity.

Our Solution: 10x fewer alerts

Omnilink’s electronic monitoring system delivers 10x fewer alerts. We’ve developed effective solutions to common system weaknesses, making it significantly easier for agencies to respond swiftly and effectively to violations, and for staffers to manage caseloads that produce positive outcomes. Bottom line, fewer alerts make it easier for you to be effective at your job, and make electronic monitoring less costly. Learn more about the weaknesses that cause false alerts and our solutions for them.

Juvenile Probation

Software that’s time-consuming and frustrating

“Standard” software provided by other electronic monitoring vendors is difficult to maneuver in., with too many steps required to add offenders and sort through data. Many agencies are concerned that their software is hard to learn, hard to navigate, time-consuming, and doesn’t have the features, flexibility, and control they need to monitor offenders quickly, easily, and comprehensively.

Our Solution: The user-friendliest software

Agencies cite the usability of our software as one of the primary reasons to switch to Omnilink. Omnilink’s unique dashboard lets you see everything that’s important all-at-once, on one screen, as soon as you login so you can access critical data at-a-glance. You can set up offenders in a matter of minutes, navigate quickly using “one-click links,” manage costs in real-time, quickly create zones and schedules, correlate crime scenes to offenders, and access historical data with a multitude of standard reports. Learn more about our electronic monitoring app.

Juvenile Probation

Lack of mobile software prevents on-the-go monitoring

Agents need to access offender locations while they’re in the field, but most electronic monitoring providers haven’t developed software for mobile phones and tablets. Agencies may be able to access their provider’s desktop software on their phone or tablet, but—because it’s not a standalone application built and optimized for smartphones and tablets—the software is tricky to use, with screens that are too large to see all at once, buttons that are hard to press, information that loads slowly.

Our Solution: The only true mobile app

Omnilink developed the first—and only—truly mobile electronic monitoring application built and optimized specifically for smartphones and tablets. Built to make your team’s work more efficient and convenient, FocalPoint Mobile™ makes offender location data available to you on-the-go on iPhone®, Android™ and Blackberry® phones, and iPad®, and most Android™ tablets. Get turn-by-turn directions to an offender’s location, view offender locations, see location histories, view all active alerts, add notes to alerts, and clear alerts easily and quickly. Manage offenders and alerts anytime, anywhere. Learn more about our mobile software.

About Omnilink

Head-to-head comparisons confirm that Omnilink’s GPS and RF electronic monitoring technology is best of breed. Our full-featured electronic monitoring system combines 10x fewer alerts, the best-loved software, the most reliable hardware, and accurate indoor/outdoor tracking so you can more effectively increase compliance, reduce recidivism, and maintain public safety. Omnilink®—an electronic monitoring technology company with more than 20 major awards and 17 patents—is the technology of choice for 800+ agencies, and is trusted by Verizon®, Sprint®, Audiovox®, ADT®, the Alzheimer’s Association®, and the AmberWatch Foundation™ to track people in situations where there’s no room for error.


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