Send a Text Message Automatically

Do you use the awesome text messaging feature in ClickDimensions yet? Here’s a great way to remind customers of upcoming appointments or promotions – send them a quick text message to remind them the day before.

In this example, we will be reminding a client of an appointment on the day prior to the appointment date. We will use a workflow to send a text message one day before the appointment is scheduled to start. To begin, create a workflow (Settings > Processes > Workflows > New), and choose the entity you want to trigger the workflow to being. In our example, we’ll select the appointment entity, because we want the workflow to being running as soon as we create an Appointment record.

Here is what the finished workflow will look like:

We want the record to run whenever any user creates an Appointment record, so set ‘Scope’ to Organization and ‘Start When’ to Record is created.

Then insert a Wait Condition step to wait until the time you want the workflow to send the text Message. In this example, that is when the Appointment Start Time is 1 day away.

The next step is to create the Text Message. Add a Create Record step to create a Text Message. Click the Set the Properties button and fill out the required fields and any additional fields you’d like to fill.

The Final step is required to tell ClickDimensions to send the Text Message. Add a Change Status step, and select Create The Text Message (i.e. what you named that step) and Workflow.

Make sure you have phone numbers in the mobile phone fields for everyone and that the settings are all correct. And that’s it, you’re done! Your Text Messages will be sent out automatically! You can of course send these messages via a workflow based off of another entity if you’d like.

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