How to turn on auditing for Email Sends

CRM’s auditing feature can be an incredibly useful tool for keeping track of who edits a record and what changes were made. Additionally, enabling audit history can provide us with valuable information if you run into an issue with a ClickDimensions entity. In this post, we are going to turn this feature on for Email Sends to ensure you know what is happening when emails are being sent out. To turn on audit history in general, or to make sure it is already turned on for your environment, follow this procedure:

Navigate to Settings > Auditing in CRM

Ensure that Auditing is turned on

Once in Auditing, go to Global Audit Settings, check the “Start Auditing” field.

Enable auditing for Email Sends

Back in Settings > Auditing, go to Entity and Field Audit Settings.

Navigate to the Email Send entity, then check the Auditing field under Data Services. After checking the field, save the change and press the Publish button.

Look at your Email Send Audit History

You’ll now be able view the Audit History on your Email Send records. This will let you see what changes were made to the record, who made the changes, and when these changes were made. Among other reasons, this information can be useful for resolving situations such as those where you have a scheduled Email Send go out at the incorrect time and you are not sure why.

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