Omnilink® and Audiovox® Make Car Connection™ Even More Connected

New features and an enhanced mobile UI make the driving experience even better for Car Connection customers

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November 20, 2013 – Omnilink today announced a major update to Audiovox Car Connection, a connected car solution for consumers created in partnership with, and powered by, Omnilink. The update gives Car Connection customers additional features to monitor, manage, and maintain vehicle health and safety. And, the Car Connection mobile application has been redesigned to enhance user experience. Customers can now use Car Connection to:

  • Share car and driver information—like driver score and fuel economy—on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Get remote start and keyless entry access to their vehicle from their mobile phone (optional features).
  • Automatically remember their vehicle’s location and provide walking directions to it when they can’t remember where they’ve parked in crowded lots and busy parking ramps;
  • Show them trip information to see exactly where the car has been, for how long, and how much each trip’s gas cost;

We are very excited about the update to Car Connection. Customers will love the social media integration, parking lot navigation, and optional remote start and keyless entry features. People are more growing more mobile all the time, so we’ve evolved the mobile phone user interface to be even more convenient.
—Daniel Graff-Radford, Omnilink vice president and general manager

Car Connection features a plug-in on-board diagnostic (OBD) device that empowers consumers to monitor, manage and maintain their family’s driving habits, vehicle maintenance and performance. Car Connection provides users with critical data including actual fuel consumption data, fuel conservation tips, vehicle location data, vehicle health info, and preventative maintenance recommendations. With Car Connection users can receive alerts when drivers exceed preset geofence boundaries, help authorities locate their car if stolen, and disable the text messaging of drivers while in-transit. Through the use of Car Connection, users are able to take part in select Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) discount programs.

The DIY Car Connection device fits in the palm of your hand and easily plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII port—a standard feature on all vehicles since 1996—and transmits data to the web-based Car Connection™ application over Sprint’s Nationwide Network. Users can log-into the application to review near real-time vehicle and driver data.

Omnilink’s award-winning M2M platform powers Car Connection. Omnilink’s platform receives and processes location, vehicle health, automotive recall, driver behavior, and fuel usage data; presents it via an user interface with intuitive controls; provides OBDII and remote start/keyless entry device activation, social sharing integration, alerting and notification functionality; and ensures state-of-the-art security, availability, speed, and reliability. Omnilink also provides billing and technical support services.

Car Connection is available for purchase at participating retail stores. To find a dealer, visit for more information.

To take advantage of remote access features, users must purchase and professionally install an additional remote access and keyless entry device. Car Connection is compatible with most remote access and keyless entry devices.

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