CRM 2013 Help Articles

As environments are migrated to the new CRM 2013, we are working hard to get our documentation to reflect those changes. We want to share the changes that are taking place and what you’ll see differently on our help site. We want to keep the CRM 2011 documentation available, as many on-premise environments will stay on 2011 for a longer period of time. To provide help in both 2011 and 2013, we have implemented a tab system on the help articles. You may have already seen some articles like this, and we’ll continue to provide new content until all are updated! The updated articles will show the 2013 information by default, but you can easily switch to 2011:



If you are on CRM 2011 just click on the CRM 2011 tab and it will switch the content.



The main difference between CRM 2011 and CRM 2013 is the new navigation and look and feel. Primarily, the changes to the articles include screenshots and instructions for navigating to an area. We are working as quickly as possible to switch over all of our articles, so visit our site frequently to learn how to use your favorite ClickDimensions features in CRM 2013, and discover more ways to add to your marketing program at!

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