Winning Edge: Plugin Ties to Business Phone System

Business Phone Feature: PluginSome sports fans have a team they follow passionately, while others just enjoy a good matchup or an exciting finish. But any fan can agree: When a team shows up a little better prepared, or they’ve got a slight competitive edge – it’s often the difference between winning and losing.

It’s no different in business. Consider the multitude of small to mid-sized businesses now using the CRM tool to manage their prospects through the buying cycle. These are savvy business teams, each using, and quite often competing for the same finite customer base.  This is exactly when an extra business advantage comes in handy – and for more and more businesses, the Plugin from Vonage Business Solutions is that advantage.

“This Plugin has generated quite a bit of buzz among our customers,” says Customer Care Representative John Reaves. “So many of them use, and they really believe in the product. So when a feature like our Salesforce Plugin comes along – they’re interested.”

The Plugin is a premium business phone feature, working in conjunction with Vonage’s Desktop, that displays the caller’s contact record on the computer screen the moment the phone extension rings.

“This Plugin absolutely provides an advantage for users,” continues Reaves. “When the caller’s record is right in front of you when you pick up the phone, you’re prepared and ready for a productive conversation. “

The Plugin eliminates the need for scribbling down notes to input in Salesforce later on, or searching your database while you concentrate on the phone conversation. Instead, the customer’s record launches in real-time so you have all the details of the business relationship at the ready. If it’s a new prospect calling, you can create a new Salesforce contact, lead or account on the spot. With this Plugin, there’s no need to wait until later to leverage the full benefit of

How to Activate the Plugin

Customers can get this Plugin by calling Customer Care (866-901-0242) and requesting the service. It does require a small monthly fee, and the Customer Care representative will configure the Plugin to any extensions you prefer. Since the Plugin launches from Vonage Business Solution’s free Desktop application – downloading Desktop is recommended before calling, but is not necessary.

“Downloading Desktop is easy, but we often walk customers through the download when they call,” says Reaves. “By the time we get off the phone, we’ll have the Plugin configured on the customer’s Desktop, we’ll go over how easy it is to use, and we’ll complete a test call. The idea is to get them comfortable using it right away, so they can spend their time thinking about their business and not about their phone system.”

More Power from the Desktop

Reaves is passionate about the powerful Desktop application, the free app that extends the power and control of the Vonage business phone system to the user’s computer desktop.

“The latest version of our Desktop is awesome. It’s where Plugins are configured, but it’s also where individual customers can manage all the tools within their extension – to set up Call Forwarding, On Demand Call Recording, Call Monitoring and just about anything that once required access to the End User Portal. It’s a very convenient feature; in fact, a lot of our customers make all their calls from the Desktop.”

Desktop must be open for Plugins to “pop” on screen, and many customers already log into Desktop every day for the added visibility and intelligence they can access with each call. And unlike the End User Portal, once you log onto Desktop it will not time out.

Gain a winning edge with the Plugin:  Call Customer Care at 866-901-0242 to have it installed on your account. All customers are encouraged to install our free Desktop application, which is required to access any of the Vonage Business Solutions Plugins.  If needed, the Customer Care representative will help you install Desktop when you call to request the Plugin. 

About Dave Morris

Dave is a content strategist and writer at Vonage Business Solutions, working with teams across the company to build communication programs that enable our customers and assist our prospects. He enjoys living in Atlanta and is an avid gardener, restaurant enthusiast and live music fan.

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