10 Business VoIP Benefits for Branding and Growing Your Company

Business VoIP: Brand work cloudIf you ask business owners why they’ve made the switch to a business VoIP phone system, you’ll hear many great reasons – most often focused on savings and operational efficiency. But especially with today’s small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), business owners are taking a longer view of how their new phone system will support business growth and brand awareness over time.

They’re asking how well the system scales as the organization grows. And they’re expressing a desire for their business phone system to reflect the capabilities of a smart, contemporary organization like theirs.

It’s a useful mindset for seeking a better business phone system – one that aligns with and supports the long-term development of the company’s brand. So we decided to highlight 10 benefits that our cloud-based business VoIP solution offers companies interested in brand-building and strategic growth:

  1. Mobility Advantages: It’s understood that business owners and employees must devote time out of the office visiting clients and attending trade shows, conferences and other networking events to drive business or increase brand awareness. With free Vonage Business Mobile apps, they can easily manage their extension, make and receive calls, and even monitor call activity. It provides them the flexibility of being out of the office without the worry of missing important calls and activities. Plus, with Vonage Business Mobile, even when employees call from the road, caller ID registers it as a call from the office.
  2. Brand Messaging: Training is key to instilling employee best practices that directly reflect on your brand. Call Recording and Call Monitoring are two outstanding tools that help the business train employees to deliver a consistent message. By listening to calls or monitoring existing calls, you can also determine how your product and brand is perceived, allowing your business to adapt your positioning appropriately.
  3. Faster Business Expansion: It couldn’t be easier to add new employees to our business VoIP phone system and have them up and running quickly. Adding a new location in a different city? It’s as easy as ordering phones and adding extensions immediately. The system was built to support the growth and expansion of your business, both quickly and with minimal costs.
  4. Best Face Forward: Our business phone system provides features right out of the box that can often make businesses appear more capable, successful and even larger at a fraction of the cost. For example, if your five-employee company utilizes our Virtual Receptionist feature and splits call volume between customer service, sales, etc., then the business takes on the structured appearance that you dictate – potentially creating new demands or opportunities for services.
  5. Toll Free Numbers: We have found that businesses are able to increase their user base just by adding a toll free phone number to their website. Some businesses report that the addition of a toll-free number has also improved their conversions. Toll-free numbers reinforce the brand and assure that customers have an easy point of contact. Vonage Business Solutions’ Toll Free Numbers come with no usage fees, so businesses can provide toll-free access for a low monthly fee.
  6. Integration with Major Business Applications: To increase efficiencies with best-in-class business tools, Vonage Business Solutions has developed a suite of Desktop Plugins for major applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, QuickBooks, LinkedIn, Outlook and more. These plugins provide integration between the Vonage business phone system and the applications – accessible on the user’s computer desktop – to provide more intelligence, visibility and productivity for employees.
  7. Establishing Your “Green” Brand: A growing priority with businesses today is developing and maintaining sustainable “green” business practices. In many ways, our system is an eco-friendly countermeasure to the environmental harm done by copper landline production. Consider just a couple of ways our solution contributes to a business “going green.” For example, Vonage Business Mobile apps allow work-from-home programs that cut down on commuting and in-office electricity usage. And think how much paper can be saved by utilizing features like Paperless Fax.
  8. Expanding Reach and Awareness:  With unlimited long distance in the U.S. and Canada, and International Long Distance rates that are 75% lower* on average than traditional carriers, a company can influence a wider radius of consumers and increase brand awareness without the concern of being sideswiped by an enormous monthly communications bill.
  9. Reporting and Streamlining: By taking advantage of the reporting capabilities built into the Vonage business phone system, companies can track and determine peaks and valleys in their call traffic. This provides the visibility to properly align strategies and resources to effectively handle their busiest points of a day.
  10. Brand Promotion Opportunity: The Virtual Receptionist and Music on Hold features provide great opportunities to include brand and product information that your callers should know about prior to deciding which branch of the company they wish to be forwarded to or to answer their call.

When considering a business VoIP phone system, savings and efficiency may lead the conversation. But business owners are wise to consider how the system will grow with the company and help develop the brand. The Vonage business phone system is designed to do just that, helping small to mid-sized businesses compete, succeed and grow.

*75% lower rates claim is based on comparison of the per-minute rates to the top 50 markets of the top three leading wireline carriers. Rates and savings vary by country.  See rate locator for current rates to numbers called

About Jason Wernick

Jason Wernick is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Vonage Business Solutions where he focuses on driving new channels and partnership development. He has over 20 years of experience in Business Development, Sales, Product Innovation, Product Management and Product Marketing with emerging companies as well as market leaders.

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