Add Email Sends to your CRM calendar

You may want to keep track of when you are sending out emails in order to avoid bombarding your customers with an undesirable amount of mail, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of everything that your company is sending out. Fortunately, you can use a simple workflow to update your CRM calendar every time you send out an Email Send.

The CRM calendar can be found at Workplace > Calendar in CRM

and it can be set to a month, week, or day view.

CRM will automatically add any appointment or service activity records you create to the CRM calendar, so we will create appointment records to serve as calendar events for each of our Email Sends.

Begin by creating a workflow based upon the Email Send entity that is set to “Scope: Organization” and is set to run when the record status changes. This will cause the workflow to be triggered when you press the Send button on the Email Send record.

In the workflow, we will need to account for two types of scenarios: immediate sends and scheduled sends. As such, the workflow will consist of two pairs of steps: one that checks for an immediate Email Send and creates a new appointment based off of it, and one that checks for a scheduled Email Send and creates a new appointment based off of it. The only real difference between how each is handled is what metric we use to determine when/where on the calendar to add our Email Send appointment.

For immediate Email Sends, the appointment will be added to the calendar at the time that the workflow was executed (when Send was pressed). Note that I scheduled the duration for 1 minute; there is no significance to that amount of time, and you can set it to be whatever amount of time you think is appropriate since we will only be using these appointment records as placeholders to denote when our emails went out.

For the scheduled Email Sends, the appointment will be added to the calendar at the Send On time that you set on your Email Send. Once again, the duration is not important.

With this workflow in place, an appointment will be added to the CRM calendar for every Email Send you send out, letting you see when and how often your emails go out so you can better determine when to send future correspondences.

Note that if you are using auto responder emails or you are running a nurture program, every email sent out in either of those will generate an Email Send, so if you don’t want to keep tabs on all of those, include conditional steps in the workflow that check to make sure the subject of the Email Send isn’t the subject of your auto responder or nurture email(s).

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