ClickDimensions Case Study – UAB Health System

As one of the largest academic health centers in the United States, UAB Health System (UABHS) has a wide variety of individuals with which to communicate each year, including doctors, nurses, patients and prospects. “We currently have internal physician and nursing marketing lists of over 2,100 and 4,300 employees respectively,” says Justin Slaughter, the health system’s CRM marketing analyst.

Marketing to both employees and consumers, the UABHS marketing and communications team needed a way to easily segment their audiences, differentiate the content that was delivered to each audience, track the performance of their email campaigns, and evaluate the results in order to continually improve the effectiveness of their communications.

Working with their Microsoft partner, 2B Solutions, UABHS implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support their digital marketing strategies. “Once we settled on our CRM, we reviewed email marketing solutions that had strong integration with Dynamics CRM,” says Maelynn Cheung, director of digital media and communications for UABHS. “ClickDimensions was the strongest product and was also supported by the same team from whom we licensed our CRM. That made it an easy choice for us.”

ClickDimensions has been instrumental in helping UABHS grow their email marketing efforts. “Since implementing ClickDimensions, we have done more email marketing than we had ever done before, and will strategically increase the use of email marketing moving forward,” says Cheung.

“Externally, our largest campaign has been the promotion of one of our Heart and Vascular Clinics during the fourth quarter of 2013,” adds Slaughter. “This campaign consisted of three eBlasts along with follow-up thank you emails to those who completed the call to action.” The campaign was highly successful for UABHS. Of the 24,388 emails sent as part of the Heart and Vascular Clinic campaign, 63% of those emails were opened and 14% of the recipients clicked a link in the email.

Read the full case study to learn more about how UABHS is using ClickDimensions to communicate effectively with their diverse audiences.

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