ClickDimensions Case Study – Complete Innovations

Complete Innovations (CI) is a leading global provider of mission critical fleet, assets, and mobile workforce management solutions to more than 6,000 customers worldwide. CI’s flagship product, Fleet Complete,® is a comprehensive and scalable hosted GPS tracking and dispatching solution.

Since its inception in 2000, Complete Innovations has enjoyed consistent year-over-year growth, and while this success was welcomed, it also created operational inefficiencies that needed to be addressed if the company’s rapid growth was to be sustained. In order to accommodate the increased volume, each department had either purchased or created their own software applications, which worked well in isolation, but were not communicating with each other. This included sales and marketing departments that were not integrated with each other, creating functional redundancies and inaccurate reporting.

The company needed to implement an organization-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that included integrated sales and marketing tools. “We needed a system that was not only scalable and customizable, but also process-oriented and manageable, allowing the functionality for data mining as well as comprehensive reporting,” said Dror Cir, Complete Innovations’ chief operating officer.

Complete Innovations chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer relationship management and ClickDimensions as their email marketing and marketing automation solution. Early adoption was critical to CI, and to ensure high user participation, it was important that marketing automation was immediately available to employees as they began to learn and use CRM. Since ClickDimensions is embedded inside CRM, it provides CI with a seamless user experience.

“With the integration of ClickDimensions [with our CRM deployment], marketing now has the ability to deploy email campaigns, e-newsletters and surveys all from a single platform,” says Ilse Passet of CI’s marketing team.

Read the full case study to learn more about why Complete Innovations decided to integrate ClickDimensions with their initial Microsoft CRM deployment and how the implementation of CRM and ClickDimensions has resulted in a 200% increase in overall operational efficiency.

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