5 little workflows with really big results – #2: Create New Record Using Submitted Form Data

#2: Create New Record Using Submitted Form Data

From time to time we get asked the question, “Why doesn’t ClickDimensions allow for mapping to custom entities on form fields?” The answer is somewhat complex, but stems from the fact that we never store the data and have mappings set to contact and lead because those are the two default people entities that are going to be in every CRM regardless. We don’t know what custom entities that you have, because the default role for our connecting user only has to have access to our entities and the default contact, lead, account. In lieu of becoming a complex middleware mapping platform, we set the defaults and allow you to extend using CRM workflow.

You can, however, map the data to custom entities once it’s in CRM. We saw this most recently with one of our customers, a multibillion dollar IT reseller. They have a custom entity similar to an opportunity called “DealReg,” short for “deal registration.” They wanted a new DealReg to be created every time a rep filled out the ClickDimensions form they embed in their account management portal. Not only did they want the new record to be created, but they wanted the values from the form fields to be mapped over to the fields on the DealReg.

Workflow can very easily handle this process with a few prerequisites.

  1. The posted field entity is a child entity to the posted form, which means that for every posted form, there are multiple posted fields.
  2. The ClickDimensions form field name is stored as a value in a CRM field on the post field record, as is the posted response to the field.

What all of this ultimately means is that before you go building a workflow based off the posted form being created, and realize you can’t get it through the posted field values for mapping, take a step back and look at it from outside the box.

Keep in mind the objective and define, design and draft.

ClickDimensions can map to the contact, and because the rep submitting the DealReg was a contact, we were able to suggest creating a few custom fields on contact, and arranging them on a CRM form called DealReg Request within the contact entity.

When the form posts the ClickDimensions mappings we’re set to push the data to the DealReg request fields on the contact, and then CRM workflow creates a new DealReg record using the values in each field on the contact. The DealReg was even able to be related to the Reps contact record so that they could see all the Deal Registrations that the rep had requested in an associated view!


When a ClickDimensions form is posted, create a new DealReg record using the information from the posted form, and associate the new DealReg to contact.


Prerequisite: All required DealReg form fields mapped to custom DealReg fields on contact record.

Workflow – Trigger OnChange a DealReg field on contact.

                Check – each required field from contact required for new DealReg contains data.

Create New – DealReg Record using data from DealReg Field on contact and associated current contact to dealreg.

                Update Contact- Clear all DealReg fields.


Perhaps you want to create your own version of a DealReg. Maybe you have a referral process, or want to open a new support case when someone submits a ClickDimensions form. If you have a need to create or interact with a record outside of contact or lead when a ClickDimensions form is posted, you can easily do it with CRM workflow.

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