5 little workflows with really big results – #3: Update Nurture Phase

#3: Update Nurture Phase

We hear so many great things from customers and partners about the way our tool can create nurture programs and are often surprised by some of the creative ways people are using them. Whether for event invitations and reminders, lead warming, customer onboarding, or new student orientation, one thing that we see quite often with these successful nurtures is that they trigger CRM workflows. We have workflows within our own internal nurtures, too. When a customer or prospect has essentially jumped the hoops we have set in the nurture, we have workflows that get triggered and do a range of things like create scheduled phone calls and tasks, or even update the contact/lead record with certain changes.

While you can easily view the individual progress of a nurture for a particular person via the nurture timeline, we wanted aggregate CRM dashboards and views to display who is on what nurture, and in some cases what phase in the nurture they were on. To do this, we came up with a plan to use CRM workflow triggered within the nurture program. At the beginning of the nurture, a workflow is triggered to update the contact/lead record. We created some custom fields that we based our views off of that are specific to the nurture we built. When the nurture starts, the box gets checked, and as they progress through each phase, a checkbox for each phase gets checked and a dropdown for the current phase gets updated. This allows us to calculate who is in the nurture, what phase are they on, what phases they have completed and how long they were in each phase.


Update contact or lead during each nurture phase.


Prerequisites: Custom field for Nurture On/Off, custom checkbox field and timestamp for each nurture phase, custom dropdown for current nurture phase.

Workflow – Trigger On-Demand

                Update Contact/Lead – Check box, set dropdown to current phase.



Depending on how granular you want the reporting to be, you could have a workflow check a box for every step in the nurture, only at the start, or anywhere in between!

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