The Gmail Tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums

Gmail users may have noticed that Gmail recently rolled out a new way to view your emails. Messages are now automatically displayed under tabs to make finding and sorting messages easier. Each individual inbox has lots of options when it comes to the tabs, including which ones they want to use, creating custom filters for the tabs, and the option to shut them off entirely.

Companies and email providers, however, are more restricted. In order to make emails more transparent for the recipient, Google does not allow email providers and companies to change how their emails are sorted. What that means is that there is a very good chance all your emails sent from ClickDimensions will automatically go straight to the Promotions tab.

Some senders may ask that their recipients drag their emails to the primary tab and/or update their filters, but the method is of course dubious at best. We are not only asking customers to take an extra step with our messages, but we are assuming they want our messages in their primary tab. Other resources suggest that the format of the email may make a difference by trying to fool Gmail into thinking a marketing email is really just a quick message from a friend.

As I mentioned, there is no sure-fire way to get Google to allow your emails into the primary tab and there is not a way to tell Google you want your emails sorted into a certain tab. In reality, if you are sending marketing emails, so it is normal for Google to categorize those as “promotions.” Some feedback also suggests that sorting emails in the promotions tab can also let customers know where to find your messages when they have a little extra to spend.

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