Call for Beta Testers: Busy Lamp Field (BLF) from Vonage Business Solutions

Business phone system: Beta test for BLF featureWe’re excited to introduce a new business phone feature, now available for beta testing: the Busy Lamp Field (BLF). As usual, we’re inviting customers to participate in beta testing before release.  In fact, many customers have participated in our beta testing program, and their resulting insights and practical suggestions have been extremely useful.

About the New  Feature

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) visually indicates which phones on the system are in use, displaying a “presence” on the device that indicates the status of another user, such as “idle,” “ringing” or “on a call.” BLF allows an administrative assistant, for example, to see the status of the supervisor’s line – to show the assistant when the boss is on the line and call status. Speed dial is also available, which would allow the assistant to pick up the phone, press the line configured to the supervisor, and have the supervisor’s extension ring immediately.

Join Our Beta Community

The BLF has been requested by several customers, so we’re eager to initiate Beta testing and roll the feature out live soon. Beta testing will extend over a one-month period, beginning with instructions on configuring BLF in the customer’s Admin Portal. Beta testers must be current Vonage Business Solutions customers, with an active account and active phones. Each participant is asked to share feedback, ask questions, make suggestions – and engage with others within the User Forum.

Join our beta community and request to test this feature. You’ll also be eligible to provide feedback on other upcoming beta tests of our software, services and offerings. Current members of our feedback community may simply login to join this test.

Please note: BLF is compatible with a select set of phone models sold by Vonage Business Solutions. Please check our list to assure your phone model is compatible before requesting to test the BLF feature.

We welcome and value your input as a BETA tester, and look forward to hearing from you!  Customers may join the beta test now

About Amy Tankersley

As Product Manager at Vonage Business Solutions, Amy is always looking for ways to make our customers more productive. Her specialty is focusing on mobility solutions. When she isn’t building products, Amy is a dance teacher in Atlanta.

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