Hide the Send button based on privileges

Perhaps you have some users that need to be able to create marketing emails (create templates, set preferences, and designate recipients), but you do not want them to be able to see or press the “Send” button. If this is the case, you might be wondering how you can achieve this level of limitation within Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions. Well, wonder no longer. In this post, I’ll show you the steps you could take, using the Ribbon Workbench tool, to add display rules for the Send button based off of entity privileges. If none of that made sense, and you still want to do what the title of this post says… Talk to your CRM admin or partner. Tell them Nick sent you, include a link to this article, they’ll crank it out for you in no time.



Step 1:

Open the Ribbon Workbench and select the solution with the Email Send entity in it.  (In my case I created a new solution called HideSendButton just to have a clean example for you.)

Once you’ve selected the Email Send entity, find the Send button, then right click, select “customize command.”


NOTE: You’ll see the command item in the solution elements tab can now be expanded. Go ahead and repeat that process for split-test too if you want to limit that button in the same way.

Step 2: Set the display rules of the commands.

Right click on the command for the send button and select edit display rules.

From there, click the Add New and give it a name. I used “cdlabs.cdi_emailsend.UserHasDeletePriv.DisplayRule” for this example.

Step 3:

Add a step: You’ll want to use Entity Privilege Rule.

Set the depth to the level of role they must have (Organizational, Business Unit, etc.).

Use your role limiting entity in the entity field. (In this case, we chose to use global delete privilege on the domain entity, but you might want to think about using something else depend on who you are giving that limiting role to.)

NOTE: Add the display rule to the split test command as well if you want to do that too.

Step 4:

Publish from the ribbon workbench.

Step 5:

Now only users who have global delete privileges on the ClickDimensions Domain entity can see the Send button.  You will want to make sure you assign the limiting privilege to anyone you want to be able to send, and ensure that people you wish to limit, do not have that privilege.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Nick Waverek, Solution Success Manager at ClickDimensions


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