Why ‘Work from Anywhere’ is so Cool and What it Means for Your Business

Business phone features: Globe imageWe get a lot of comments and questions about our Work from Anywhere feature, which allows employees to unplug their desk phone and then reconnect to any high-speed Internet outlet outside of the office – at home, at a branch office, in a hotel room on the road.

In fact, we were recently contacted by a business reporter who had just read an article about employees taking their desk phones home the day of an approaching winter storm. He was fascinated by this and wondered what we charged for this feature. After a brief conversation, he realized that this work-from-anywhere capability represents a basic technological difference between our cloud-hosted VoIP phone solution and that of traditional copper-wire providers. (And he quickly understood why it’s a built-in feature, requiring no add-on charge.)

The concept of “working from anywhere” – and retaining the same business phone functionality you have back at the office – isn’t always familiar to those who still use a wireline phone service. But for companies using a cloud-hosted VoIP service, such as the Vonage solution, it’s a significant business advantage.

 Technology that Boosts Productivity

Since our VoIP phone service is delivered over the Internet, and IP phone connections are registered by an Internet Provider (vs. a physical phone jack in the wall), the IP phone will register correctly regardless of which Internet connection it’s plugged into. And since our service is hosted in the cloud, instead of on-site at each customer location, employees have the flexibility to take their phone home, forward calls to their cell phone, or even set up their extension to simultaneously ring multiple phones.

Take Your Desk Phone with You?

Many employees simply find it convenient to take their desk phone home, particularly if they’ll be teleworking for an extended period (for example, if inclement weather is forecast that could shut down the office for a day or more). Some employees may spend weeks at their company’s branch offices and prefer having their own desk phone with them. Carrying your desk phone with you may not appeal to everyone, but it’s a fantastic option, courtesy of modern VoIP technology. Also remember: With a quality business VoIP solution, employees always have the option of using mobile apps when they’re away from the office.

Mobile Apps Deliver Full Office Functionality

It’s hard to think of “working from anywhere” without quality mobile apps that enable workers to use their mobile phones the same way they use their office phones. And that’s what customers get with Vonage Business Mobile apps for iOS® and Android® – mobile access to our full suite of business phone features, including specific mobility features. And whether it’s a salesperson on the go or a teleworker in her home office, no one they speak to will know they’re working remotely.

The Really Cool Thing About Work from Anywhere

Many of our business customers consider the Work from Anywhere feature one of the most interesting aspects of our business phone solution. It offers so much flexibility and potential to keep employees connected with customers and productive when they’re not in the office. Even when conditions don’t allow employees to make it to the office, there’s still no reason to expect a drop off in productivity or a related hit to revenue. That assures business continuity for both your company and the customers it serves, and that’s very cool.

About Amy Tankersley

As Product Manager at Vonage Business Solutions, Amy is always looking for ways to make our customers more productive. Her specialty is focusing on mobility solutions. When she isn’t building products, Amy is a dance teacher in Atlanta.

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