Field Service and Sales

Years ago, Sales, Support, and Marketing came together in the late 90’s to become CRM.   Prior to that, the emergence of Sales Force Automation from sticky pads and paper was the norm for sales people.    We are seeing a transformation unlike any other in Service today with tablet and smartphones.    Notifications and subscribed data to execs and organization leaders have closed the chasm creating a new category of Service and CRM under one roof.       The new opportunities of mobile workforce management and field resource tracking and metrics literally closes the loop between pre and post sales in an era where all information is available anytime anywhere. Smart companies are leveraging this closed loop to learn from their field teams, the data from customer assets in the field and promote that information to build deeper competency with their clients and greater brand loyalty to further service renewals. The future will drive metrics that will reward smart companies the ability to not only predict service trends and lower expenses with precision scheduling, routing, and asset management, but also prolong the life of field assets through a combined CRM/Service offer that increases awareness with customers of their own resources. These are exciting times in the world of technology, and more important Real World-Cloud connectivity.    Where usefulness is changing powerful workflows that truly increase bottom lines, and the emergence mobile workforce synergy with upsell CRM capabilities has created a new circle that has yet to be leveraged.
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