5 Ways ClickDimensions is Perfect for Growing Your Blog

When managing a blog and working to increase subscribers, email marketing doesn’t seem to be the obvious tool to use; social media platforms seem to dominate the realm of blog and online magazine marketing. In reality, email marketing is an excellent strategy to keep touch with and grow your audience. Here are four ways that ClickDimensions offers the perfect solution for growing a successful blog, including a new feature!  

(1) RSS + ClickDimensions = Our Newest Connector

Our newest feature is our RSS Connector!  This allows you to automatically send emails to marketing lists at set times straight from your blog! Combining RSS with ClickDimensions makes it easy for your readers to follow your blog and receive regular updates while at the same time allows you to track opens and clicks, just as you would with other ClickDimensions Emails.

(2) Move Beyond Social Media with Email Subscription & Marketing Lists

Social media posts are designed to “blast” your entire base of followers, which is valuable but also limiting.  If someone wants to manage the visibility of your updates, they usually only have two options: either follow, or unfollow.

With Subscription Management options associated with email marketing, readers can adjust what email content they want to see. This gives readers control over their inbox while still receiving your content. This is a great practice for both the content producer and the recipient.

(3) Web Tracking + Analytics = Leverage

With ClickDimensions, you can track who receives, opens, and clicks through your sent emails, as well as what pages on your website that they visit.

ClickDimensions delivers scoring tools and a means of identifying anonymous visitors.  

ClickDimensions quantifies this data in order for you to see who visits your site, how long they stay, what pages they visit, and what content they interact with. This is extremely valuable information that influences major factors, such advertising prices on your blog and relationships with sponsors. You can also use this feedback data to adjust the material both on your blog and within your email sends to determine what content is most effectively reaching your audience.

(4) Exclusive Content Delivered as a Campaign

Social media is a great way to engage with readers/followers, but email marketing can provide more in-depth exclusive content. A great example of this is Apartment Therapy’s “The Cure” campaign for spring cleaning. A single post was advertised on the blog, readers could sign up for the particular email campaign where they would receive emails for 30 days with exclusive content and features about deep cleaning and organization.

This is a perfect example of how to deliver exclusive content for those who “ask” for it. Had the contributors at Apartment Therapy tweeted or posted on Facebook for 30 days straight about spring cleaning, they might have lost dedicated readers or followers who were not interested in that particular campaign. Email marketing campaigns can be built and tracked within CRM using ClickDimensions. This is a great tool designed to reach niche readers as well as track the success of the campaign.

(5) Social Link Integration

Just because you are running a successful email marketing campaign doesn’t mean you should completely ditch your social media portfolio. Social media is very much essential for creating and maintaining a successful blog. With ClickDimensions, you can implement social links within your email sends, and track the clicks and shares within CRM. We provide multiple ways to create Email templates, so your needs for customization are met.

Email marketing is a vital tool for the blogging and online magazine industry that offers benefits that social media does not cater to by design. With ClickDimensions integrated with Microsoft CRM, bloggers have access to much more content customization and the ability to track and grow their readership from the results of email marketing.

Written by Molly Lambeth, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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