IVR vs. Mobile: Which is the Best for You?

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When selecting a solution for your time and attendance needs it’s important to consider your goals as well as your budget. For a corporate office, a hassle-free biometric solution might be the best choice, a manufacturing facility our expedient web kiosk, and for a small business with some staff working from home, maybe the answer is IVR, or interactive voice response, a.k.a.telephony. Let’s take a look at why IVR could be the solution you are looking for, and how it compares to a mobile solution.

Benefits of IVR

Telephony is useful for those needing an alternative solution to the traditional time clock. This cost efficient tool offers quick implementation and functions by using the buttons on your touch-tone landline or mobile phone. Without new software to learn it is easy to transition employees into tracking time and attendance through IVR, meaning time and money saved. Like our mobile solution, telephony can be used anywhere you have access to a phone, making it a great option for employees working from home or at an off-site location. Another benefit of telephony, unlike mobile, is it doesn’t require internet connection. With multiple other features such as text to speech capability and security through caller ID restriction, IVR has a lot to offer for a small budget. In short, IVR is a quick and easy, cost effective way to allow your employees to clock in and out.

Benefits of Mobile

Our mobile interface has its shining moments as well. Accessible via the internet from smart phones, tablets, and laptops without needing to install any software, mobile is an easy way to collect data no matter where your employees are. This interface has geolocation abilities, meaning you can see not only when your employees are clocking in and out, but where they are when they complete those punches. Through their dashboard, employees can complete punches, make time off requests and view their time cards. The manager dashboard features include a “mass editor” functionality, the ability to view and approve time cards and requests, as well as view the status of each employee.

Each system for collecting time and attendance data his its own benefits. It’s up to you to decide which benefits align with your company’s needs. To learn more about our IVR solution and other options for tracking time, join us for our upcoming webinar, 5 Ways to Collect Time and Attendance Data with stratustime, Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific. Or,schedule a demo and find out what automating time and attendance can do for your company.

Article by: Nicki Allen