Healthy Breakfast on the Go: Picmonic Team’s Top Picks

It’s not easy to eat a healthy breakfast when you’re in nursing school or med school. Trust us- we’ve been there! You’ve heard over and over again that breakfast is important, but who has the time? Read on for our team’s favorite quick breakfast choices!

Make it Ahead

One great way to cut out a lot of time each morning is to prepare your food in advance. (This is a great tip for pretty much everything time-management related. Get it done in big chunks whenever you can!)

Egg bake: This is my personal favorite. I make it on Sunday night, slice it up, then every morning I can either eat it as is, or throw it in a tortilla with some salsa for an instant breakfast burrito. You can throw in whatever veggies are lingering in your refrigerator, or toss in something from the freezer.

Breakfast burritos: Speaking of, did you know that homemade burritos are super easy to freeze? You don’t have to pay extra for store-bought burritos that are full of ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Baked oatmeal: Another dish that’s easy to make Sunday night to eat all week! You can eat it as is, or pour some milk over it in a bowl to eat it more like cereal. It’s good hot or cold, and you can make endless variations of this dish.

Throw it Together

Just keeping a few basics in your fridge and pantry can make it easy to throw together your breakfast in the morning. Here are our favorite quick combos!

Smoothies: A breakfast classic. You can bag up your ingredients in advance, or just throw in whatever catches your fancy that morning.

Leftover scramble: Whatever leftovers you have from dinner the night before, toss them with a couple eggs in a frying pan and suddenly, they transform into breakfast!

Yogurt ‘n’ stuff: You can throw in whatever you want! Fruit? Sure. Granola? It’s a classic! Seeds, nuts, cereal, whatever feels right.

Breakfast quesadilla: This is nothing but a picture and a dream- but seriously, how good does this look? Answer: very good.


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