Sneak Peak: Marketing Lists in CRM Workflow

Here’s a little sneak peak to a feature that will be in our October 2014 release!

You will have the ability to add or remove contacts and leads to and from Marketing Lists via a CRM workflow. This is one of our mostly highly requested features and we’re happy to bring it to the product.

What will this allow you to do?

  1. Automatically start Nurture programs without any manual work.
  2. Add someone to a marketing list off of a Form Capture.
  3. Automatically remove someone from a Marketing List if they RSVP “No” to an event via a form (or any other method recorded in CRM).
  4. Add everyone who signs up for a webinar to a Marketing List (with the GoToWebinar or WebEx integration).
  5. Any other reason you need to automatically add or remove a contact or lead to/from a marketing list.

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