Are you using the drag and drop editor?


It has been one year since we released the Drag and Drop email editor. Are you using this editor yet? Save time and effort when creating your emails. Check it out when you create your next email. Simply choose a layout to start with, drag your content types over, and add your content to the blocks. Add social sharing, subscription links, and use the newest feature – locking blocks. By default, this editor also makes your email web responsive. This means that it will show up nicely on mobile devices, online, and in email clients.

See our step by step instructions with videos on all the features of the editor. Don’t see Drag and Drop as an option when you create an Email Template? Make sure you have version 5.0 or higher of ClickDimensions. To learn how to update see this article.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the Drag and Drop editor! Tell us what you think by filling out the form below. Thank you!

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