Trend Awareness: Inbox Zero and ClickDimensions Web Content

Inbox Zero
There’s an interesting movement going on called “Inbox Zero” — Perhaps you’ve heard of it? It’s the trend of treating the emails in your inbox as tasks, and ruthlessly clearing out your inbox of all non-essential emails.  This trend may sound more like a problem to anyone in email marketing — but have no fear! Here are some things you should know about the Inbox Zero movement and some ways to work the trend in your favor, using features of the ClickDimensions solution, of course.

What is Inbox Zero?  Those who practice the “Inbox Zero” approach treat each email as a “task” and once the task is complete, or non-essential, they delete the message or unsubscribe.  This cutthroat method of tackling email is believed to increase productivity, eliminate “noise,” and minimize time spent interacting with emails.

From a marketing standpoint, how can I continue to reach my customers? First, put your best foot forward.  Follow the best practices of email marketing.  Let your competition be filtered out because they drown each other out.  Use thoughtful subject lines.  Practice permission-based marketing.  Give your recipients a call to action.  Make your emails as essential to your customers as possible.

And while email marketing shows no signs of slowing down, this Inbox Zero phenomenon presents a great opportunity to branch out and use other marketing automation tools that ClickDimensions provides: 

  1. Web content is your ally! Use forms, surveys, landing pages, and subscription management to qualify your customers.  These are customers who interact, rather than just react, with your marketing tactics.  They do more than just receive email; they post feedback, they update their records, they choose what kinds of emails they want to receive. Use these interactions to your advantage and build your marketing plans keeping these customers in mind; they’re the customers who are more invested in your organization!
  1. Web tracking and statistics of your site are just as important as your Email Send statistics.  ClickDimensions not only provides tracking scripts for page visits and page views, but also campaign tracking scripts, scoring tracking scripts, and profile tracking.  These statistics are invaluable when it comes to making marketing plans and seeing how your customers interact with you entities.

Are you interested in learning more about how to use web content and web tracking tools from ClickDimensions?  If you’re already a customer, sign up for the ClickDimensions Academy CD201 webinar course where we show you how to get the most out of these tools!  If you’re interested in a live demo to see more of this usability, click here to request a demo!

Happy Marketing!

Written by Molly Lambeth, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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