The Full Picmonic for Nursing Product Launched Today!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our full Picmonic for Nursing product!

LinkedIn Announcement-01 Over the last few months, we’ve had tens of thousands of incredible nursing students and administrators try out Picmonic for Nursing. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and now we are proud to present the full product. When you subscribe to Picmonic for Nursing, you’ll get all of the great content in our beta, plus 100 new nursing cards that weren’t available in the beta and the Top 20 Must-Know NCLEX Picmonics for a library of over 500 nursing Picmonics! Subscribe Now We know you’ve got questions about what happens now that we are making the switch from beta to the full launch. We tried to address any questions you might have below! If we didn’t answer your question, check out our FAQs here or shoot us an email us at and we’ll get it answered as soon as possible.

“I had the Picmonic for Nursing Beta, what happens now?”

Your account now contains 25 free trial Picmonics, which you have unlimited access to, and will never expire. If you’d like to purchase a Picmonic for Nursing subscription to gain access to all 500+ Picmonics for Nursing, simply head to our store. As a beta user, we emailed you an exclusive promo code so you can score an awesome discount on a 1 year subscription! If not- have no fear! Go ahead and enter in the promo code LAUNCH20 to score a 20% discount on a 1 year subscription until February 11th.

“Do I get to keep my playlists?”

Yes! Any custom playlists you’ve created will still be in your account. While you’ll always be able to access the 25 free trial Picmonics that come with your account, you will need to purchase a Picmonic for Nursing subscription in order to gain access to every Picmonic in your playlists.

“Buuuut I’m not sure if I want to pay for it yet…”

Not ready to purchase a subscription? That’s okay! You’re still be able to access our Picmonic for Nursing free trial which includes 25 Picmonics. Don’t have a free trial yet? Snag your own by heading here!

“I still have questions!”

Check out our FAQs here.

You can also shoot us an email us at We’re always here to help with any questions! So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Happy studying!

-The Picmonic Team

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