Why ‘Your Phone in the Cloud’ is the Right Fit for Nearly Any Business

business phone system: cloud/phone imageNot too long ago, the thought of a small company moving its business systems to the cloud was novel. Cloud technology was reserved for larger organizations with IT teams, according to many business owners. But what a difference just a few years makes.

Now, small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) are actively improving operations with cloud-based CRM tools, email systems and certainly business phone systems. The mystery and apprehension toward cloud solutions has not only dissipated, these tools now represent competitive advantages for savvy SMBs.

In a recent interview, Pie Shop owner and Vonage customer Mims Bledsoe discussed why she moved to a hosted business VoIP phone system: “Technology is generally moving toward the cloud, which basically means being able to access it from anywhere,” she said. “You don’t have to be sitting at your office desk. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can connect to the things you use most … so putting your phone system on the cloud makes just as much sense as having email.”

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businss voip: image of customer pie shopMs. Bledsoe’s simple description underscores how comfortable small business owners have become with cloud systems. In fact, she relishes the conveniences the Vonage system provides her business. She logs on to the online Admin Portal to adjust call settings or to change voicemail settings remotely. She uses the Vonage Business Mobile app when she’s on the go. And she likes that when she makes calls from her home office, the system reflects her business identity on caller ID.

While these are go-to features for her business, they’re also great examples of a key benefit of cloud hosting – the ability to access the phone system from anywhere, on any device. For many businesses, this is the most liberating and enabling aspect of a cloud-hosted system like Vonage’s.

Businesses are also liberated by the lower cost. The Vonage system, for example, saves businesses at least 30 percent over traditional providers,* which also has a lot to do with cloud hosting. You see, the system’s PBX – the nerve center where call routing is accomplished and call features are enabled – is hosted in the reliable Vonage Cloud instead of in the business’s server closet. Therefore, there is no expensive equipment to maintain, and no need for annual service contracts or technician visits. The system is managed virtually, allowing much more control for the business.

Learn why businesses of all sizes benefit by moving their business phone to the cloud. Speak to a Vonage representative about the easy switch to the Vonage Cloud, 1-877-862-2562.

Success Story Video: See how a thriving bakery makes the most of the Vonage business phone system, even when they’re away from the shop. 

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