Sort Survey Responses by User

ClickDimensions contains a survey tool that allows users to gather data from their customers and have the data record in CRM. Some ClickDimensions customers use surveys to ask their customers to provide feedback on interactions they have had with a particular user in a sales or support context. This is certainly no problem if there is only one user on which they are gathering feedback, but what if there are several? There are a couple different ways to easily handle recording and sorting feedback surveys for multiple users:

Clone Your Survey

The first option is to make copies of your feedback survey for each relevant user by cloning your initial survey. For this option, all you will need to do is press the “clone” button at the top of your survey web content record…



…then rename the cloned survey to reflect which user it applies to.




This option is pretty quick and easy to set up, and since each user has their own survey, you can use ClickDimension’s built-in survey report to easy see a breakdown of how each user is performing.



Use Parameters and Custom Views

If you would prefer to have one general feedback survey that all users send out, you can attribute the various posted surveys to the appropriate users by adding parameters to the survey URL.

In this scenario, you can add the appropriate user’s name as a parameter, for example, ?user=Rhys, to the end of the survey URL prior to sending it out, then use that as a basis to set up custom posted survey views for each user.




Whenever a survey is accessed, a survey-type page view will be generated in your CRM to denote that. The survey URL with the parameter will not be stored on the posted survey record itself, but it will be on the corresponding page view record.

Below is the search criteria needed to set up a custom view based on the name parameter added to the survey link:



If you choose to pursue this option, you will need to be sure to not delete any of the survey-type page views from your CRM, because doing so will remove posted surveys from your custom view. Also, since you are using the same survey for every user, all of their feedback would be aggregated together in the ClickDimensions survey report. If you want to see a report on a specific user, you will need to set up your own CRM report.

Written by Rhys Saraceni, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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