Associate CRM Campaigns with Event Records and New Leads

Adding a CRM campaign field to an event record form is a useful customization you can make in your CRM.  This tutorial will show you how to use a CRM campaign field to associate event records with new leads (or contacts) that came from registering for these events (Source Campaign).

Setup Steps:

I have already created my campaign field customization and added it to the event record form in my CRM.  I have set up the ClickDimensions Eventbrite connector in my CRM, and I have set up my connector so that new visitors will be created as “Leads.”  For more information about the Eventbrite connector, click here.

Now you’ll need to create a basic workflow to run on the creation of the event participation record.

For the workflow:

–        Set the workflow to run when the event participation record is created

–        Make sure that the workflow scope is set to “Organization”

–        If the lead contains data, then update the Lead.SourceCampaign to equal Event.Campaign

–        Set the relationship behavior from the event to the event participation

–        Note: You could run this as an “on-demand” process for people who have already signed up for your event (found within the lead’s event participation record)

Here is what this workflow might look like:


View properties:


Next, I created my event using Eventbrite, and my event record has now populated in CRM.  I have added the “Summer” campaign to the event’s campaign field.


These are the event participation records generated by people who registered for my event. Let’s take a look at Peter Gregory’s record:


The new lead record in my CRM was created for Peter Gregory because he registered for my event (and was previously not a lead or contact in my CRM).  The “Source Campaign” field of the marketing information portion on his record now matches the “Summer” campaign I associated with my event.


…And it’s that simple. This single workflow will work with all future event records that I choose to associate with a campaign and create new lead records from.

Happy marketing!

Written by Molly Lambeth, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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