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   Advanced KPI Tracking   

move beyond the basics of time tracking

Move beyond the basics of time tracking with customizable analytics and advanced key performance indicator (KPI) tracking. Icons in the stratustime menu bar warn managers of exceptions and missing punches, provide quick access, and leave managers with more time for managing employees.

make more time for managing

   Workforce Data Analytics   

identify problems before they happen

Customizable interactive charts analyze labor data to help managers make informed workforce decisions by identifying patterns and helping predict operational needs. With stratustime, you’ll drill down into workforce data to identify and solve problems before they happen.

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   Employee Self-Service   

increase employee productivity

With stratustime, employees can clock in and out; transfer between departments; and check their hours, schedules and accrual balances using our self-service employee dashboard. Employees can clock in and out by buttons or by timesheets, and can view their schedules in calendar or by list view, by day, week or month.

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   Intuitive Visual Scheduler   

generate schedules quickly and efficiently

stratustime visual scheduler helps generate schedules quickly and efficiently. Breaks and meals can be added and dynamically controlled by payroll policies. Simply click and drag schedules to copy them from employee to employee for quick schedule assignment . You can also use the coverage view to see schedules on a sliding timeline to quickly view the coverage of employees’ scheduled hours by day, week or month.

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   Advanced Accrual Tracking   

ensure sufficient staffing

Employees can also view time off balances and, using the calendar view, can look at time off requests from other teammates, allowing them to responsibly schedule their time off to ensure the team has sufficient staffing, lifting the burden off their managers’ shoulders. After a request is made, management is alerted and can review, approve or deny their request. Prior to requesting time off, employees have access to their projected time off balances to indicate if they will have enough vacation time available for the date range of the request.

enhance your PTO processes

   Accessible Mobile Interface   

reduce and eliminate time theft

Our mobile website allows employees to clock in and make time off requests from their smart phones while out of the office. Built using HTML5 tools, the mobile site can be accessed by iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones without needing to install an app. Meanwhile, geolocation built into stratustime helps organizations reduce and eliminate time theft by their mobile employees. An employee’s geographic location is recorded with his or her punches, and when clicked, the pin icon in the time card entry displays a map showing where and when the employee clocked in or out.

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   Built-in Guidance   

take advantage of help resources

The help and configuration tools available in stratustime include video tutorials that demonstrate how to use various features, screen overlays that provide a quick tour of the system, and a “walk me” feature that assists the user in real time while the system is being used.

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