We're Hiring – Support Specialist

Support Specialist

Key Objectives

  • Successfully resolve support tickets to our customers’ satisfaction by conducting support sessions though email, phone and web meetings
  • Help team members in resolving support tickets and troubleshooting
  • Identify and highlight best practices in support and contribute to a knowledgebase of articles
  • Proactively assist new customers and partners in deploying and using the ClickDimensions solution

Technical Duties

To carry out his/her duties the Support Specialist must know and have experience with:

  • Microsoft CRM deployment (CRM 4.0 and 2011 versions, as well as CRM Online)
  • Microsoft CRM configuration, security and application usage
  • Microsoft CRM error troubleshooting and plugin registration
  • HTML and email template design/modification
  • Simple JavaScript (e.g. web form field validation)
  • ClickDimensions Application deployment/installation (i.e. follow a detailed installation procedure and troubleshoot/resolve issues as they arise)
  • Solution and networking concepts at a high level including web services, deployment types (e.g. online vs. on-premise), Windows Servers, Active Directory, connections, firewall, etc.


Direct experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is preferred.

Interpersonal skills are a key element of the support role. The Support Specialist will be required:

  • To provide a structured, informative and enjoyable support experience
  • To develop strong relationships with clients
  • To interact productively with ClickDimensions sales people and development team
  • To be able to listen to customers and partners and understand their goals
  • To be able to articulate technical information in a manner that is suited to the customer or partner who has requested assistance

Additional Information

The Support Specialist role is a full-time position and will be based out of our Atlanta, GA (Dunwoody) office.

Instructions for Application

Interested candidates must submit a personal cover letter/message with their profile/resume.  Please outline why this job is a good fit for you and reference previous relevant experience.  Candidates who do not submit a personal cover letter/message will not be considered. 


Interested candidates should send a resume and ClickDimensions-specific cover letter to careers@clickdimensions.com


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