Sneak Preview: July 2015 Release

The ClickDimensions July release will be available on July 20th! Below is a preview of the features that will be included in this release.

Note: New features will be available for Microsoft Dynamics 2011 and newer versions.

Drag and Drop Editor: Pull Content from a Web Page

This feature will allow you to place a URL from a web page and it will automatically grab text and an image (if you are on a text and image content block) and place it in the block. This will pull from the header tags of the web page.

(Click the image to see the feature in action!)


Preheader Text

This is the third line of text when looking at a message in the inbox’s list. There will now be a field on Email Templates and Email Sends for easily adding this to your emails.


Drag and Drop Images and Files into Managers

In the Drag and Drop and Freestyle email editors, as well as the HTML Components in Web Content, you will be able to drag and drop multiple images into the image manager for upload. The same will be true for the file manager.

(Click the image to see the feature in action!)


Email Status on the Email Send Record

You will be able to see if the email you just sent is processing, sent, in error recovery, etc. right on the Email Send record.


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