Twitter Introduces Personas, Tailored Audiences for Advertisers

Starting this July, all Twitter advertisers now have access to the social network’s enhanced “audience insights” dashboard. Advertisers can get key insights about the people they reach with ad campaigns including demographics, interests, purchasing behavior and more.

Included in Twitter’s new audience insights are:


Twitter personas allow advertisers to learn about specific audiences and target them in an ad campaign with one click. Personas include groups such as professionals, college grads, small businesses, and millennials.  Including additional targeting types can narrow ad targeting even further – for example, add “iOS” as a mobile platform to the “millennial” group.


Campaign Insights

Within the Twitter campaign dashboard, campaign insights help advertisers understand whom they are reaching with their ad campaigns. Marketers can even compare insights between reached and engaged audiences. “Reached” users are viewing the campaign, while “engaged” users are taking action (replying, favoriting and retweeting) with the ads.

Tailored Audience Insights

Tailored audiences allow marketers to gain insights about specific groups such as people who have visited a website, customers from a CRM database, or those who have taken an action such as made a purchase.

If you are advertising with Twitter, login to your account at and select “Audience Insights” from the “Analytics” menu to get started. 

Happy (social) marketing!


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