Pssst … The Business VoIP Revolution is Here. Pass It On!

Business VoIP Revolution - eBook ImageIt wasn’t too long ago that we regarded cloud-based business tools as something to keep an eye on – or something that only large enterprise organizations dabbled in. Those days are long gone as businesses of all sizes regularly employ cloud-based tools across their organization … CRM solutions like, email through Office 365, and the list goes on.

Also, consider the rapid adoption of cloud-hosted business VoIP phone systems – over traditional systems – across nearly every industry vertical. Why the revolutionary shift away from traditional phone systems? It’s a great story of businesses using hosted VoIP phone solutions to increase efficiency and do more. Quite often, these businesses are also saving money when they switch.

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You’re invited to take a closer look at how business VoIP systems work and how they differ from “traditional” phone systems that have been around for decades.

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Inside the Business VoIP Revolution:
The Rise of Cloud-based Phone Systems Over Traditional Service

At the heart of the Business VoIP Revolution is the convergence of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and cloud hosting that enable next-generation calling features, integrated mobile access, and efficiencies that often keep costs lower than traditional solutions. This eBook highlights some critical comparisons between “hosted VoIP service” and “traditional phone service,” including:

  • IP Network Connection vs. Traditional Phone Technology
  • Cloud Hosted PBX vs. On-Premise PBX or POTS Lines
  • Integrated Mobility vs. Separate Mobility
  • Streamlined Technology (and Pricing) vs. Expensive Equipment and Maintenance
  • Easy System Interconnectivity vs. Building Separate Systems
  • Next-Generation Features vs. Traditional Feature Set
  • On-Call Team + Virtual Support vs. On-Site Phone Vendor Visits
  • Server Redundancy + Emergency Rerouting vs. On-Site Architecture and Maintenance
  • Quick Virtual Setup vs. Scheduled On-Site Installation
  • No Annual Contracts vs. Required Contracts

Is Your Business On Board?

Especially if you’ve been considering a switch to a hosted VoIP system for your business, use this eBook to learn why it’s the right solution for so many savvy businesses. The maturity of business VoIP technology is certainly driving the revolution – and for business owners, it’s the resulting operational efficiencies and cost savings that prove the Business VoIP Revolution is real. Check out the “Inside the Business VoIP Revolution” eBook now.

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