Effective Email Marketing: Quirky

QuirkyHave you ever received an email that was so well thought-out you simply felt compelled to read every bit of content and click through different products that you hadn’t even thought about buying? That’s how I feel whenever I look at Quirky’s emails. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a community-driven invention platform that has also partnered up with larger companies to allow people to pitch ideas to them. 

I bought my first Quirky product at an office supply store, but what really hooked me was their email marketing. Here are some things they’re doing and what you can do to refresh your email marketing strategies:


Inventing products is all about form and function. If they didn’t function as designed, readers wouldn’t be interested in buying the product. Quirky’s use of product images showcase their usefulness that are intended to generate clicks, visits, and page views. Since their inventions are based on submissions, it’s also important for them to give recognition to their inventors. Quirky was able to seamlessly achieve this with the layout of their images and text.

Take a look at these examples:




Another great thing about Quirky’s email marketing is that all of their emails have a clear purpose. For example, this email focuses on product packaging. They kept the text short and included a link to their blog if you want to read more. They also added an image to a video that links to the same blog. This email drives the readers to go to the blog and, hopefully, to explore more of the blog or the shop page which leads to more clicks and more purchases (watch those page views and visit record counts go up!)

Much of Quirky’s traffic also comes from repeat visitors that help the company choose inventors and boost different products, so it’s important for them to keep that in mind as well. Their template segments different sections with various call to action buttons that lets the readers know what to expect. From just this one newsletter, they’ve managed to pack a lot of information without overloading their recipients.

Social Networking

Notice that they make use of social networking sites to link readers not just from their emails to their webpage, but also to various social networking websites. You can use the social sharing feature in our email template editors to drive traffic to other social networking sites. If you’re using the drag and drop editor and want to add additional icons (ex: link to your Youtube, Pinterest, or Instagram pages), but are limited to certain layouts, you can convert your drag and drop or block editor templates to the freestyle editor and add additional content.


Quirky has made a point to make changes in their email template designs. See the changes from last year’s email to a more recent one from a few days ago:




In the older email, images are functional, maybe even attention grabbing, but when compared to more recent emails, you can see where they’ve changed the layout to something more engaging to the reader. For the most part, these changes didn’t happen overnight, but gradually, over a series of multiple emails and minor design changes. You want to keep striving for something better but more importantly, test your ideas! Maybe you want to change the font or just change the layout (but keep the same general template) or you want different subject lines. Remember that split testing is your friend.

These are just a few email marketing practices and ideas to try. Hopefully you’re inspired to try some of these ideas out for yourself and see the results in your email marketing campaigns.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Louella Lugo, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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