Find Email Statistics for Workflow Email

Sending a ClickDimensions email using a CRM Workflow is a great way to automate the Email Marketing process. You set specific criteria within the Workflow for the ClickDimensions Email Send to run on, and Email Send is sent out automatically. (For more information on how to send a ClickDimensions Email Send via a CRM Workflow, click here!)

When it’s time to review the Sent Email Send statistics, you’ll see that the statistics from the Email Sends sent out via a Workflow gather the data per Email Send record; these (as well as ClickDimensions Email Sends sent using QuickSend and Nurture Programs) are treated as individual Email Send records instead of a bulk Email Send. However, what if you wish to view the data in a larger set in order to gauge the success of your Email Send strategy?

We have a few previous blog posts that illustrate how to create a chart to show Nurture performance, and this may also be helpful for you if you’re trying to gauge activity for multiple Email Send records.  Click here for more information.

This can be implemented with an Advanced Find setup—you can create a Saved or Custom View – which is essentially a saved Advanced Find—where you may set specific criteria to aggregate results of the individual Email Sends into one dataset.

An example of what this could look like: 


Let’s break it down:

Email Events – This is the entity we are looking for when running the Advanced Find. We are trying to gauge interactions with our series of Workflow Email Sends.

Type Equals Click –OR- Type Equals Open – You can set these groupings in the top menu bar when setting up the Advanced Find criteria. We are looking for Email Events with a type=Click OR type=Open, because we want to find the interactions with our Email Send.

Email Send with Email Template subsection – We are not searching for one specific Email Send record (remember, we’re trying to gauge results out of many Email Send records), but rather, we are looking for Email Sends that have used a specific template (which you can set in the lookup field).

Using this Advanced Find, we can easily take a look at the results of many individual Email Send records that relate—Email Sends sent out via a Workflow, Nurture, or QuickSend. We can export this data for further reporting. We can also plug other criteria into the CRM Advanced Find, depending on what specific details we are looking to gather results about.

Happy Marketing!

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